Students and Schools, 2016 Version 2



Education Options

There are nearly 50,000 students in Brown County, and they can choose from a variety of education options. Most choose public school, but 9.4% choose private schools and 1.6% choose home-based education.

Option Students in 2014/15 Percent
Public School 44,244 88.9%
Private School 4,703 9.4%
Home School 813 1.6%
Correctional Institute 32 0.1%
BROWN COUNTY TOTAL 49,792 100.0%


Public School

During the 2014/15 school year, there were 44,244 youth ages 4 to 18 enrolled in 82 public schools in Brown County.[1] 

Since school district boundaries do not align perfectly with county borders, the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction considers a school district to be in Brown County if their main district office is in the county.[2] We have followed the same definition for reporting on Brown County students.

While Pulaski, West De Pere, Wrightstown, and Denmark all have some students that live outside of Brown County, Luxemburg-Casco, Reedsville, Brillion, Kaukauna and Oneida all have some students that live inside Brown County even though their district offices are in other counties. Since all of these areas on the border of the county tend to be low population-density areas, we consider that one group roughly offsets the other and our Brown County totals are accurate enough for our purposes. In fact, it is difficult to get individual student data because of privacy protections, so the best we can do is work with the aggregate data that is available to us by school district.

In summary, all students in the following districts are included when we are reporting on Brown County public school students, whether or not the individual student actually resides in Brown County: 

School District Students in 2014/15 Percent # of Schools
Ashwaubenon 3,271 7% 5
Denmark 1,515 3% 5
De Pere 4,190 9% 6
Green Bay Area Public 20,995 47% 42
Howard-Suamico 5,995 14% 9
Pulaski Community 3,744 8% 7
West De Pere 3,197 7% 5
Wrightstown Community 1,337 3% 3
BROWN COUNTY TOTAL 44,244 100% 82

Nearly half of Brown County public school students are in the Green Bay Area Public school district.  Three of the 82 public schools are charter schools, with a total enrollment of 125 students.


Private School

There were 4,703 students enrolled in 33 private schools in Brown County in 2014-15. Most of the private schools are affiliated with a religious tradition.[3]

Type of School Students in 2014/15 Percent # of Schools
K-8 (GRACE System) 2,112 45% 9
K-8 (Other Catholic) 367 8% 4
K-8 (Lutheran) 845 18% 7
K-8 (Other Religious) 96 2% 2
K-8 (Non-Religious) 126 3% 3
High School (Catholic) 786 17% 1
High School (Lutheran) 120 2% 1
K-12 (Christian) 232 5% 4
K-12 (Other) 19 0% 2
TOTAL BROWN COUNTY 4,703 100% 33


Home School

In 2014-15, there were 813 students enrolled in Brown County home-based private education. This was 1.8% of public school enrollment in Brown County, which is less than the state average of 2.3%.[4]

School District Students in 2014/15 Percent of Public School Enrollment
Ashwaubenon 29 0.9%
Denmark 29 2.8%
De Pere 116 1.9%
Green Bay Area Public 429 2.0%
Howard-Suamico 62 1.0%
Pulaski Community 101 2.7%
West De Pere 33 1.0%
Wrightstown Community 14 1.0%


Correctional Institute

There were also some students receiving High School instruction in Brown County at the Green Bay Correctional Institute. The most recent data is for 2012-13, when 32 students were in Grades 11 and 12.[5]


[1] ABC analysis of enrollment data from WISEdash Public for the 2014-15 school year. Note that a small number of students included in these counts are over the age of 18 if they have not yet completed their studies. Students can remain in the public schools until they complete their graduation requirements or turn 21 years of age. Also, three of the 82 public schools are charter schools that are authorized by their public school district and included in all public school summary data in this report. There are no charter schools in Brown County outside of the public school system.

[2] The layout tables for data downloaded from WISEdash document that county is “County of main district office”.

[3] Wisconsin DPI, ABC analysis of downloaded data from

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