Outcome Dashboard, 2016 Version 2

Welcome to the Achieve Brown County Community Dashboard for October 2016.

Outcome One

Every child is prepared for school


OF ALL KIDS Meet Attention Benchmark

Based on 3,132 in 5-yr-old Kindergarten at Public and Private for Fall 2016


Outcome Team One has identified some great resources in our community in the pre-K arena. Some of them include:


Outcome Team One has identified some of the challenges we're facing in Brown County. They include:

  • Lack of common assessment tool for Kindergarten Readiness
  • Population's lack of awareness of many our helpful programs
  • Social / Emotional screening is key to early intervention, but a universal screening tool is not utilized in Brown County
Outcome 2

Every child succeeds in school


OF ALL KIDS Graduate from High School

Based on 3,260 in public school Senior Cohort for 2014/15


As our most recently formed outcome team, Outcome Team Two is examining highlights in the community such as:


Outcome Team Two is examining the impact of county-wide trends on K-12 issues, including:

  • Increased mobility: families move into and out of the area, which takes a toll on students
  • Attendance and truancy
Outcome 3

Every youth is connected to & engaged in an accredited career pathway


OF ALL KIDS Enroll by Fall after Graduation

Based on Senior Cohort for 2014/15

This is 69% of GRADUATES



Outcome Team Three has identified highlights in our community, including our largest postsecondary education providers:


Current challenges identified by Outcome Team Three include the following:

  • Difficulty in or resistance to completing the FAFSA
  • Low income students, student of color, and first generation students need additional support
  • Lack of growth in federal grants
Outcome 4

Every youth attains post-secondary education or career training


OF ALL KIDS Attain In 6 Years

Based on 3,709 in public school Senior Cohort for 2008/09

This is 66% of Enrollees



Outcome Team Four will be forming soon, and once formed, the team will identify local assets and gaps. 

Stay tuned for more details!


While Outcome Team Four has not formed yet, national trends tell us that completing postsecondary education is much more challenging than enrolling in postsecondary education. Click here for more information.

Outcome 5

Every youth is equipped to become an effective and engaged citizen


Earn 200%+ Above the Poverty Line (> $23,340)

Based on 22-24 Year-olds living in Brown County


While Outcome Team Five has not formed yet, one of the organizations we expect them to examine includes the Bay Area Workforce Development Board. Their vision is that job skills and educational levels are increased, quality of life of all individuals is enhanced, while employers' needs are met.


Outcome Team Five has not formed yet. However, nationally, data show that young adults are delaying household formation based on the following:

  • Debt, including student loans
  • Access to affordable credit
  • Parental co-residence decisions

Click here for more information.

Outcome 6

Every child, youth and young adult contributes to the community


Volunteer at least once a year

Based on youth and young adults ages 14 to 24 in Brown County


While we don't yet have local data, statewide data shows that WI loves to volunteer! Locally, The Volunteer Center of Brown County is a hub for matching community needs with community helpers. Click here for more information!


Inexperience & peer pressure can make avoidance of behavioral risk factors difficult. Risky behaviors include:

  • Use of nicotine, alcohol, & other drugs
  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of exercise
  • Distracted driving
  • Unsafe sexual activity

Click here for more information.