Operations and Project Update DEC 2016

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is also occurring within the operational area of Achieve Brown County!
We are wrapping up our Plan work (in the PDSA model – Plan Do Study Act) accomplished within the Outcome Teams.  This work has been compiled into a Recommendation document which captures all the data, research, project work completed and identification of opportunities to pursue within our community.  The Outcome Teams did a great job in succinctly and comprehensively defining these community opportunities using the SMART format (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Timely).  Our final touch in putting the bow on top is the final editing of the Recommendation.
While you might not be able to peek at your holiday gifts, I’ll give you a peek at what was identified as community opportunities.  The overarching finding was the need to enhance the social emotional and learning community support systems for our youth.  There is A LOT involved with that so stay tuned!
How will Achieve Brown County be ringing in the New Year?  Action Teams are being recruited right now who will be responsible for tackling the Do component of the PDSA cycle.  Operationally, we are finalizing the performance improvement framework and related timelines for the Action Team’s work.