Data Dive, Outcome Team 5, Third Quarter 2015

Every youth is equipped to become an effective and engaged citizen.

Young adults are gainfully employed in a family-supporting career.


While Outcome Team Five has not been initiated yet, we can look at national data to give us an idea where to start once that team forms. That said, there are both highlights and challenges seen in the areas of self-sufficiency and household formation – much of which has been affected by the recession and its aftermath.

A combination of factors makes life challenging for millennials trying to start out on their own. Student debt, when coupled with difficulty securing employment that compensates them 200% or more above the federal poverty line, means that fewer young adults can afford to move out of their parents’ homes and form independent households than in previous generations. The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland summarizes the implications of millenials with student loans:

“…we would expect student-loan borrowing to be positively correlated with measures of mobility and upward social mobility, since student debt supports the acquisition of skills and education. The analysis presented here suggests that this continues to be the case, despite the heavy debt burdens young adults are now carrying.”

house key

Further, “… student debts have not become so burdensome that they undo the advantages of higher skills. Millennials with student loans are still more likely to be upwardly mobile than nonborrowers. However, the advantages do seem to have declined somewhat since 2007. Student-loan borrowers are now less likely to purchase a home than nonborrowers. These challenges may be caused by the debt itself, or they may reflect the relatively weak economic recovery.”

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Once Outcome Team Five forms, they’ll dig deep into local data to see how these trends play out in Brown County. Stay tuned for more information as we move forward toward our goal of ensuring that every youth is equipped to become an effective and engaged citizen!





Outcome Dashboard, Third Quarter 2015