Data Dive, Outcome Team 3

Every youth is engaged in education, training and employment pathways.

Youth are enrolled in post-secondary or enlisted in the military within one year of graduation.

The decision about the next step to take in life after high school is an important one, and it is not always taken immediately after graduation.  We can get a better picture of results if we wait for one year (second fall) after graduation to measure post-secondary enrollment. However, if we wait a year to look at results we are missing out on the status of the current graduating class. 

To provide the most current data possible, we report enrollment by first fall after graduation in our dashboard.  For completeness, we provide a deeper data dive on both measures in the links below.

After reporting on these two variations of the high-level outcome measure, we take a look at the achievement gap and show that economically disadvantaged students in Brown County are much less likely to be enrolling in post-secondary opportunities.  Information is also provided on students with disabilities.

An important contributing factor towards Outcome 3 is the number of Federal Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) forms completed by high school students in Brown County.  More information on FAFSA completions can be found in the link below.







Outcome Dashboard, 2016 Version 1