Data Into Action DEC 2016

This is an exciting time to be doing data work for Achieve Brown County!  We just finished supporting a round of Outcome Teams with data they needed for their work. Next, we will be supporting the Action Teams with their data needs. 
The transition from Outcome Teams to Action Teams gives us the opportunity to evaluate our own data work.  Did the Outcome Teams get the data they needed?  Was it valid and reliable?  Were there data gaps?  How can we do a better job of flowing data down from our community dashboard to our teams, and from our teams back to our dashboard?  What data should we be sharing with the whole community on our Web site?  And, most important of all, how can we do a better job of using data to get ACTION and IMPACT?
In the next month or two we will be pulling together some new teams of research and evaluation experts from our community to help us answer these questions in a collaborate way.  The new teams will be called Data Teams. If you are passionate about kids and data and would like to be part of this volunteer effort, let me know!  I don’t have visions of sugarplums in my head at night during this holiday season.  Instead, I have visions of a dynamic community of local data geeks who want to use their unique skills and energy to help all kids in Brown County become the best they can be!