Compare to Wisconsin, 2016 Version 2



Since this is the baseline report for Achieve Brown County, it is too early to look at our primary measures as a dashboard to see how we are trending compared to last year.  Our collective impact work has just begun.  

We can, however, take a look at how Brown County compares to the state of Wisconsin to give us some sense of our strengths and opportunities. 

Outcome 1 – Every child is prepared for school.

Green StoplightPrimary Measure – Percent of 5-year-old Kindergarten public school students who pass the literacy benchmark on the Fall 2014 PALS test

Wisconsin – 91%

Brown County – 93%


Outcome 2 – Every child succeeds in school.

Yellow StoplightPrimary Measure #1 – Third Graders with a Solid Understanding of Reading, 2013/14 public school students

Wisconsin – 34%

Brown County – 33%

Green StoplightPrimary Measure #2 – Eighth Graders with a Solid Understanding of Math, 2013/14 public school students

Wisconsin – 46%

Brown County – 50%

Green StoplightPrimary Measure #3 – Juniors with a Silver, Gold or Platinum Certificate on WorkKeys Test, 2014/15 public school students

Wisconsin – 84%

Brown County – 85%

Yellow StoplightPrimary Measure #4 – Public High School Graduation Rate for 2013/14

Wisconsin – 89%

Brown County – 87%


Outcome 3 – Every child is connected to & engaged in employment pathways.

Green StoplightPrimary Measure – Percent of 2013/14 public High School Graduates who are enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution or the military by the first fall after graduation.

Wisconsin – 64%

Brown County – 69%