May 2016 OT1 Update

 Outcome Team Project Update

Accomplishments to date:

  • Defined Problem Statement based on known data
  • Defined Outcome Team Objective based on Problem Statement
  • Created draft Outcome Team Charter including team objective, key deliverables and success criteria
  • Aligned all Brown County School districts on a standard 5K school readiness definition and measurement process. Process to begin in September of 2016
  • Defined three sub-teams to evaluate problems/opportunities as well as objectives for each:
    • High Risk
      • Objective: To enhance access and engagement with existing community services that address at risk families by linking and aligning priorities within the multiple early childhood initiatives in Brown County.
    • Early Childhood Education
      • Objective: Ensure all children in Brown County receive a quality early educational experience by increasing the number of certified child care centers in the county.
    • Screening Opportunities (Early identification of delays or risks)
      • Objective: Ensure all children in Brown County receive appropriate services as needed to increase 5K readiness.

Sub Team Highlights

  • High Risk
    • Documented current state of CPC (Community Partnership for Children) processes regarding screening and assessments for all children born in Brown County
    • Identified opportunity areas to address gaps in current process
    • Evaluated Determinants of Health to identify additional risk factors
    • Categorized referral agencies by needs addressed
    • Evaluated opportunities for improvement
  • Early Childhood Education
    • Documented current state of quality of early childhood education in Brown County
    • Created process map for delivering high quality care and identified obstacles
  • Screening Opportunities (Early identification of delays or risks)
    • Documented current state of screening tools in community
    • Identified opportunities for screenings in health care systems, school districts, early childcare centers and support agencies
    • Began pilot of ASQ (Ages & Stages Questionnaires) Board at community events (Giant Play Date, Big Event for Little Kids)
    • In progress of investigating developmental screening collaboration between Madison United Way and UW Health systems to identify opportunities to leverage learnings

-submitted by Renee Gyrion