Action Team Two

Approximately 58% of Brown County 3rd graders are assessed with minimal to basic reading skills [1]. However, only a small number of those kids are engaged in some form of community support system to help improve those skills. Research and data suggests that 3rd grade reading and 8th grade math scores are indicators for high school graduation.Through their research, Outcome Team 2 identified community-based mentoring programs as a key approach for improving success rates in all of those areas.

The opportunity for Action Team Two is to integrate a standardized system that connects 6th-12th grade students from local school districts to local community-based mentoring services.Action Team Two kicked off their work in August of 2017. The team is exploring the current system of referring students to mentoring services and working on identifying gaps and areas that could be improved More information will be added as the team works through our Continuous Improvement Process. For updates, make sure to keep an eye on our News page. 

Action Team Two is made up of representatives from three local school districts and four local community-based mentoring programs. The “Graduation Task Force” was born out of Action Team Two’s efforts to equip school counselors and social workers with a system to detect, determine, and deliver mentoring supports to those student most at risk of dropping out of school in grades 6th through 12th.  Click here for more information about the Graduation Task Force.

Team Leadership

Ann McCotter, Achieve Brown County,
Director of Continuous Improvement

Kennedy Metoxen, Achieve Brown County, Continuous Improvement Coordinator

Mary Klos, Achieve Brown County, Senior Researcher

Team Members

Mary Malcore-Miller, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Wisconsin

Eric Vanden Huevel, Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay

Kathy Farr, Denmark School District

Angela Steuck, Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin

Vicki Bayer, Green Bay Area Public Schools

Jennie Garceau, Howard-Suamico School District

Orleana Batiste, Youth Enrichment Services

Tammy Nicholson, Ashwaubenon School District 


For more information on Outcome Team 2, click here!