Physical, social-emotional, and cognitive screenings are an important first step in identifying and remedying developmental delays that have the potential to occur in early childhood.The health care system provides regular Well Child visits to many Brown County children, and these visits include screenings. The screenings that are part of these check-ups, however, only provide the identification of children with potential developmental delays. Remediation is provided through other means. Many of the children identified with potential developmental delays are referred to the Brown County Birth to Three Program for additional support. In our community, the data shows that more than 50% of children ages 0-3 who are identified as having potential developmental delays do not receive service. We also know that there is no formal detection system for social-emotional delays for our kids.

The opportunity for Action Team One is to integrate a standardized system that connects the screenings for early childhood developmental delays done in the health systems with the Birth to Three Program. Action Team One originally kicked off their work in March of 2017. The team has already identified specific opportunities for improvement within the current screening and referral process and is working towards improving that system. More information will be added as the team works through our Continuous Improvement Process. For updates, make sure to keep an eye on our News page.

Action Team One is made up of representatives from the local health systems and the Brown County Birth to Three Program.

Team Leadership

Sarah Oakley, Achieve Brown County, Continuous Improvement Coordinator

Ann McCotter, Achieve Brown County, Director of Continuous Improvement

Team Members

Katie Esposito, Aurora Health Care

Ashley Hale, Aurora Health Care

Kathy Kerscher, Bellin Health

John P. Bushmaker, Brown County Birth to Three Program

Colleen Peebles, Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS)/Prevea Health

Heidi Warpinski, Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS)/Prevea Health


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