Action Teams

Achieve Brown County’s mission is to improve the lives of our youth from cradle to career. To begin to tackle more than two and a half decades’ worth of growth and development, we divided our overall mission up into six Outcomes. Our Roadmap outlines these outcomes, and our Dashboard provides a deeper dive into the data that we use to measure our successes in those areas.  
Our Action Teams are led by a Continuous Improvement Coordinator and are backed by our research and data teams, who help them understand and analyze the complexity of the data that grounds their work. All of our teams are constantly challenged to think ‘outside the box’ and pursue creative solutions and strategies to implement positive change within community organizations. The teams use Continuous Improvement methodology and are always assessing the work that they do and working together to figure out how they can improve and work better together.
Action Teams are comprised of passionate and dedicated community members, from both Achieve Brown County and external organizations. These teams work collaboratively to develop and integrate plans to achieve positive change in our community at a system level. Together, we can have a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of every child, youth, and young adult in Brown County.
While we have many great organizations in our community that are doing amazing work to support our kids, there are still kids that fall through the cracks.  No particular single organization has responsibility for all aspects of a child’s growth and development.  It is a community effort between families, schools, businesses and service organizations. Achieve Brown County identifies those ‘cracks’ and helps organizations work together to fill them in.
Our Action Teams use the foundation that was laid out by our previous Outcome Teams. These teams were imperative to determining where we could focus the efforts and resources of the Action Teams to have the greatest and most sustainable impact. We start with a smaller group of organizations to work through the barriers and eventually expand the work to a community wide level. Click here to read more about the Outcome Teams and their accomplishments. To read about each of our individual Action Teams, follow links in the drop down menu at the top of this page.