Brown County FAFSA Completion Sees Increase

2017 has seen FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) completion rates increase dramatically in both Brown County and the nation at large. Rates for the first 6 weeks of 2017 each showed an increase of at least 30% in our area. Further, each week data is available we saw an increase of at least 10%. Two changes in policy, the result of a 2015 executive order, likely account for this.
First, students can now complete the FAFSA earlier, starting on October 1st. Secondly, previous year tax data can now be used to complete the form. This means it is no longer necessary to estimate what tax data would be on the prior year’s returns. For example, a student who filled out the form this year could use tax filings from 2015 as opposed to estimating what would be on their family’s 2016 taxes. 
The below chart shows the overall Brown County FAFSA completion rate. 
Click here to see completion rates for individual Brown County high schools. (Under Construction)